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gal_sales's Journal

Gal Sales
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In an attempt to pull some of the ads and sales off communities that focus on news, education, trend-spotting, and other elements of gal-life, and since gal-styles are becoming more and more popular everyday, this community was created!


1)All sales must be behind a cut! One teaser pic and/or a brief description of what is behind the cut is okay. Also, you do not need to use a cut if you are selling three things or less with no pictures.

2)Try not to post any monster-sized pics. Use your own judgment here.

3)Do NOT keep reposting your same torn-up copy of Fine from Dec 2002 every day.

4)Use tags. Tags are…are just nifty. Don’t have to but….

5)Mods, other members, and whoever else is NOT responsible for any transactions. Of course, mods will help if they can, but if something seems off to you, trust your gut.